With our great experience of the system of desert roads and tracks in the south of Morocco, we can help you explore our area, between the mountains, dunes and the ocean, on excursions and discovery trips.


4×4 and motorbikes

  • Day trips
    Discover our selection of day or half-day outings with a picnic. Your guide will drive you in his own 4×4 or can accompany you in your own car.
  • Safaris over several days,
    Our team at Borj Biramane can design outings for you over several days, according to your tastes. You can use your own vehicle, or a hire car, with or without a driver, and we will accompany you. We can also advise on rental for 4×4 vehicles or motorbikes. Safaris combining deserts, mountains, sand, dunes or the ocean coast, depending on the routes chosen. Full or half board, accommodation in unforgettable scenery. Unparalleled routes through stunning landscapes. (On scenic tracks, discover rock engravings, canyons, palm groves, gueltas (natural rock pools), agadirs (fortified collective granaries), centuries-old casbahs…..)


Tourist vehicles

Tourist vehicles are welcome, and can reach magnificent routes on the increasing number of asphalt roads in the south of Morocco. (Beware : road maps in Morocco, even the most recent issues, are often out of date. We can help you with essential updates.)



 Hiking and mountain biking

From our base overlooking the Icht wadi and its centuries old palm-groves, at the foot of Djebel Bani, you can set off to discover the natural and cultural treasure-trove around Borj Biramane. It’s so easy to meet others….

(Visit the typical souk (market) in Tamanart, a must-see, each Monday morning, or the ‘womens’ souk’ on Tuesdays in Imi Ougadir. Walk or cycle to the Tircht dam, or take to the mule-tracks in the foothills of the Anti-Atlas. Appreciate the cool and shady alleys of the ancient casbah in Icht, its palm-grove and curious cave…..)


Relax and enjoy

Indulge in rest and relaxation by the pool or in one of our Moroccan lounges.

From the panoramic roof terrace of our traditional borj, you can admire the stunning sunsets that bathe Djebel Bani in golden orange light. After nightfall, you can observe and admire the countless stars in the sky over Icht.

(If astronomy is your hobby, you can set up your telescope on the panoramic terrace of the Borj. 220 volt sockets are available for telescopes with powered equatorial mounting.)

Take the time to discover the landscapes, the wild life and the flora in the Anti-Atlas and the Wadi Drâa area.

(You may be fortunate and see a golden eagle or a pair of Bonelli’s, watch a bustard or a flock of partridge take flight, see wild boar, the discreet lynx, or a beautiful gazelle. Hares and foxes are our neighbours too….)

At your own pace, you can discover the magnificent and as yet mostly unexplored region of Fam El Hisn.

Borj Biramane know-how and experience, at your service, to make your stay truly unforgettable.